In recent years, growth and advancement have made people’s lives easier. Everything went digital in no time, from making digital payments online to traveling virtually through digital platforms. Even the global economies are going digital at a faster rate. Money transfer and investment, everything is paperless nowadays. Cryptocurrency is the newest and the most promising addition to the digital payment platform.

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment sector that doesn’t require banks, authorities, or other types of intermediaries to intervene. It uses encrypted methods to verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies are organized and monitored by a peer-to-peer network called the blockchain. ICO is another form of cryptocurrency that businesses use to increase capital. Investors can get unique crypto tokens in exchange for their monetary investment, which is possible through ICO trading platforms. 

What Exactly Is ICO?

ICOs is a cryptocurrency version of IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the stock market. An ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a procedure where a company sells cryptocurrencies to raise money. Investors receive cryptocurrencies in exchange for their financial contributions, whether in fiat or other cryptos. 

These investments also yield numerous benefits for investors as they can access certain project features run by the issuing company through unique tokens. As a type of digital crowdfunding, ICOs help budding cryptos by raising funds without giving equity and establishing a group of incentivized users who want the project’s success. Hence, the value of the presale token rises. 

Effective Tips To Promote Your ICO

For a cryptocurrency to succeed in the future, you must know the effective marketing strategy to promote an ICO and make sure it reaches the target audience. This makes it very important to market your ICO effectively as it helps generate more awareness among the crypto fraternity and beyond,   

But unfortunately, promoting or marketing your ICO is not as easy as one might imagine them to be. Yet experts from this sphere of the crypto industry have somehow managed to gather some great tips to help you out. So let’s check out those tips and enhance your ICO marketing to drive better results. 

1. Start With a Great Website 

Designing or creating a good website can act as a foundation of your ICO digital marketing system. A great website will leave a good impression on your targeted audience. Before you plan on launching your ICO, make sure you have well-optimized content in it. Plant a format beforehand. 

The targeted audience should find it easy to navigate, with a simple design, so they don’t find it difficult to get as much information as they need in the shortest time possible. A website with unnecessary information or exaggeration can drive people away, which is certainly not anything you want when promoting your ICO of all things. 

2. Keep your ICO Website Updated At All Times

Make sure you regularly post everything about your ICO project on the website. Providing a lot of valuable information on the website builds trust in your site visitors and attracts new audiences. Post about the growth of the ICO, the funds generated in a particular amount of time, and other developments of your ICO so that it seems authentic to the audience or site visitors.  

Easily accessible information may also attract quality traffic to your website. And to tap the qualified audience, make sure your website has a call to action where investors can easily invest in the presale. This is imperative to enhance the accessibility of your token to potential traders and investors. 

3. Airdrop Campaigns 

Who doesn’t love trying things for free? Almost everybody loves getting or trying out things that are free, and tokens are no exception. Airdrop campaigns are crypto campaigns essentially involved in encouraging users or investors to learn about cryptocurrencies. In the process, you can easily create awareness about the ICO that you have launched recently. 

This helps in raising the value of coins without having people manage it. Data from 2017 and 2018 shows that there has been exponential growth in airdrops on a daily basis. They are also directly proportional to the number of new ICOs growing each year.

4. Participating in Trade Shows, Leading Crypto Events and Conferences 

You need to participate in shows and events that are based on cryptocurrencies. Attending any of them will suffice because most of the time, they feature the top companies that are doing good in the market at present. Most of these programs have limited or fewer attendees, so make sure to seize the opportunity they offer, especially when your ICO is new. 

You are still building awareness and establishing a reputation. Through these events and shows, you can also promote your ICO. Make the maximum use of these programs for your own benefit.

5. Instant Messaging Applications 

You can share concise posts effortlessly about your new ICO to engage more audiences and communities and avail instant messaging options. Aim for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can find a large group of people and active crypto communities, but make sure to overlook the kind of security they provide. 

Curious people, coin experts, and token enthusiasts are usually found in these communities, so they can provide you best and help to build your network. Engage those audiences and communities via apps like telegram or whatsapp to build a stronger bond with them to help promote your ICO. 


There are a lot of other effective methods you can find to promote your ICO. Whatever the marketing strategies, you will face good competition in this field. Therefore, you have to be the best to stand out in the competition, which is much easier said than done. 

Many cryptos have come and gone, but your crypto should not be one of those. But fortunately, you have the tips mentioned above to help you promote your ICO and get the message out loud and clear. So make sure you make the most of this information to put your new crypto on the map and pave its way towards success.

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