Congratulations! You are about to publish your first crypto press release.

You have finally written all the witty phrases, crypto facts, and figures you want to share with the world. You have spent hours researching, writing, and rewriting your release until you are satisfied.

But no matter how good your content is, can it hit the goal? Well, it is still a little dicey for a first-time crypto press release writer.

It is not about doubting your writing skills but talking about the trickiness of the press release content.

Writing a good press release is not easy. It takes months of practice, many failed iterations, and the help of professionals who know the zest of a crypto press release. The writing process has pitfalls that can bog you down or expose you to leaks that could result in losses or missed opportunities.

But we bet after knowing the secrets of writing a successful crypto press release, you can change the whole game. Keep reading to create a crypto press release that can boost your company’s reputation and authority in the industry even more.

7 Tips to Write Successful Crypto Press Release

Define Your Press Release Goal

The first step is obvious but often neglected – know your press release goal out and out.

Are you trying to attract new investors? Is it to generate media coverage? Do you want to announce a new blockchain service? Is it about introducing a solution to a crypto problem? Or do you want to share the news of awards or recognition your project got?

Whatever your goal is, note it down and think about how you can achieve it.

You need to draft a press release keeping the goal in mind to get the maximum result.

Remember, simply announcing your achievement or launch is not newsworthy as people are not interested in your goals but their benefit. Therefore, alongside working on your goal, write a press release that explains why it should matter to your readers.

Consider Indirect and Direct Target Audiences

Determining the target audience is vital for an effective reach of your press release.

Suppose you’re working on a crypto project with a token directly related to DeFi and decentralized supply chain management. But it also indirectly touches the base with the banking industry. Consider all these areas as your target audience. If you don’t, you’re not tapping into all the possibilities.

Create an Attention-Catching Headline

New crypto projects are mushrooming every day. It makes the cryptocurrency market overflow with press releases. A catchy headline is a way to make your press release stand out in the crowd.

Making your headline attention-grabbing does not mean misleading your readers. It should not imply what your press release does not offer. All you need to do is put the crux of your press release in a way that journalists, influencers, and bloggers find interest in it.

Do Not Make It a Sales Brochure

It is the most important thing to keep in mind when writing a crypto press release. A press release is a medium to do an announcement or publicity. Therefore, this piece of writing contains what is of public benefit.

If you present your PR as a promotional article, no influencer or media will be interested in it. After all, the journalist’s job is to tell newsworthy stories and not promote products.

Make a Concise Summary

Make your press release a short and crisp summary of your important announcement. Try to complete your press release in about one page.

The longer your press release will be, the fewer people will be interested to read it. You need to fulfill your objective in fewer words.

Talk Facts to Support Your Action

The key to engaging PR is to support your actions with facts. Consider adding statistics from some reputable sources that explain why your launch or event is newsworthy.

For example, if a company provider chain can save significantly using your blockchain integration project, include the supportive data or statistics from a prominent business source in your release.

Provide Social Proof

Because of the sensitive nature of the industry, including social proof is especially important for a crypto press release. Social proof reinforces that your company is credible enough to be taken seriously.

Showcasing the achievements is usually easy for companies that are existing for a long time. But if you are a startup, mentioning the name of the prestigious university the founder graduated from or talking about the incubator or accelerator program you have passed from can help.

Summing It Up

The crypto and blockchain PR world is growing quickly. However, due to its risky nature, the community has not always been receptive to these new crypto companies. The companies are increasingly engaging in quality and effective marketing initiatives to combat this negative perception by investing in public relations campaigns. These campaigns often employ a press release targeted at media outlets, bloggers, and industry analysts covering the crypto world.

Writing a successful press release for your crypto project requires time, effort, and the right mix of words. A successful crypto press release will always have a relationship with its target audience and have a well-defined purpose like why it is even released, who exactly is supposed to read it, and what the organization is trying to gain from it. It can mean the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful venture and whether it is worth putting in the work.

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