Blockchain is an evolving technology and one of the youngest industries in the economic sector. But it is no longer the domain of geeks and programmers.

The world is seeing a massive spike in blockchain startups with more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. There are thousands of new companies launching each year. But with so many new players in the market, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out.

It is why marketing and PR, both channels play a crucial role in driving the blockchain business. To make your blockchain startup successful, you must have strong marketing to create awareness and an effective PR strategy to build authority.

In this article, we will talk about how marketing and PR can help your blockchain startup grow.

5 Benefits of Marketing and PR for Blockchain Startups

Educating the Public

The well-crafted marketing and PR strategies help companies educate the public on the emerging technology of the industry.

Marketing helps blockchain startups to build awareness about their product, services, and benefits. On the other hand, PR helps them to create buzz about their special announcements and establish effective communication with the media, investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

Also, blockchain marketing and PR help to market your product or service to build its reputation among prospective clients.

To Create a Brand Identity and Credibility

It is not enough for your startup to have a great product or service. You need to effectively communicate your message to consumers, media, investors, and other stakeholders. As a blockchain startup, your identity in the market determines your authority.

It is where marketing and PR can help you. They work as your digital tools to build a strong brand identity and credibility in the industry.

Regularly creating and publishing content on contentious topics on media channels and blockchain publications can help your company stand out as a thought leader in the industry. It collectively helps increase online traffic to your firm’s website and generate leads.

To Leverage Existing Communities to Create New Ones

In the crypto industry, a community can never be underestimated. It’s your community that will support and motivate you when your project is not mainstream.

A strong community is dedicated to your mission and values. However, it is not enough to build a community of users, you need to build a community of supporters who will help spread the word about your product and brand. It attracts people’s interest in your product. For creating this community, marketing and PR are the pillars.

The second thing you need to do is maintain your community. You cannot expect people who have joined your community to stop supporting you after a few weeks because they are bored with it or do not understand what is happening in the crypto-currency world. Keep them engaged by providing new content and events that engage them further (such as workshops, meetups, etc.). Here is where marketing and PR come again into the picture.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is a key to success in any business. It is even more crucial in the evolving and new industry like blockchain. A crisis management strategy can help you avoid the negative impact of bad news on your business.

For example, a Twitter mob that does not support crypto is creating and sharing trolling memes about you. Or a competitor spreads rumors about your company. It will cause your company to get negative attention from the media.

Such crises threaten the existence of your startup. But when an experienced crypto PR agency gets your back, they can easily create a nice escape for you from this crisis and save your company image. For example, they can release a statement that can address the Twitter mob or prove the rumors wrong. Such measures minimize the damage to your brand reputation.

Highlight Your Expertise in the Industry

Every new startup needs ways to scale its company. Establishing your brand as a trusted and authoritative brand in the market makes you see in the eyes of investors.

Marketing and PR have the basic goal of promoting your blockchain products and services. But it also highlights your expertise in the industry to attract investors.

The marketing strategies focus on your USP. The more you highlight the exclusive points of your product or service, the more the audience will understand what they can do with it. You see, it is not enough to say that you have the best technology. You have to show how your product can solve their pain points. It may also allow them to see your strengths over your competitors.


Now, as we know, marketing and PR are essential to the success of your blockchain startup. Both help you get more exposure for your product, build a community around it, and ultimately attract people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Handling the PR and marketing of your blockchain business can steer your focus away from decision-making roles. Therefore, collaborate with an experienced marketing and PR professional team to elevate the growth of your startup.

Keep visiting this space for more market trends and insights from the world of Blockchain.

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